What is Project Reach ?

In 2022, Adult & Teen Challenge is launching Project Reach, a 90-day evangelism event in North America, beginning August 1. Through strategically planned outreaches, ATC centers, staff, and students will bring the hope of Christ to hundreds of communities across the U.S. and Canada. Partnering with local churches, nonprofits, government agencies, individual citizens, and other organizations, centers will address the biggest problems in their communities through charitable events. Most importantly, Project Reach will create a platform for ATC to share the gospel with men and women lost in addiction and other life-controlling issues.

The Problem

There’s no denying that our world has problems. Substance abuse is on the rise. Millions have been diagnosed with at least one mental illness. Poverty, food insecurity, and homelessness are present in every major U.S. city. It’s time for the Church to rise up and provide hope and help for those in the midst of struggles and suffering.


Since 1958, evangelism has been at the core of the Adult & Teen Challenge DNA. Now, over 60 years later, our world desperately needs that same hope-filled message. In the United States alone, over 40 million people suffered from diagnosed addictions and more than 100,000 lives were cut short by drug overdoses. The nation is reeling from the social and economic impacts of the coronavirus pandemic. People are hurting and looking for answers, many of them in the wrong places. In fact, only 7 percent of non-Christians think the church is capable of solving society’s problems.

Project Timeline

Annually: August 1 – October 31

kickoff event & end celebration

Want to Get Involved ?

Looking to get involved? Below is a list of activity ideas to get you started!

• Backpack and school supply drive
• Fine dining/buffet meal for homeless and needy
• Outdoor concert
• Clothing/Coat drive
• Christmas gift collection
• Halloween party/Trunk-or-Treat
• Trash pickup in the community
• Building projects for elderly or disabled

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